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07 November 2010 @ 04:30 pm
Hi f-list *-*

yeah, xmast is almost here and well... i'll send some christmas cards, idk if some of you want one card from me, I already have some christmas card separated but idk if here are more people that want one from me ♥

If you want a Christmas card from me just tell me ♥, I'll send you one with all my love, a cute's one because i love send cute's things to the people that i love ♥ And all my flist is special to me~ so if you want one, comment with your adress or send me a private message ♥

Don't worry if we never talked before or something else xD .. i just love sending cards~~

and i just saw that almost all my f-list did the wishlist meme ._. so i'll do it even if i now that i not will have nothing xD because yeah, christmas is almost here xD ♥

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That's all

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06 November 2010 @ 11:35 am

Yeah, today is their 5th anniversary, I'm so proud, so touched, so all good feelings that you can have in yourself :)

They're really special to my heart ♥ my favorite boyband, my favorites boys for all the world and I not matter if I never can see them on a live or something else, I can stand watching them only from a computer, tv, etc... and no matter what i'll be with the 13 of them, because for my Super Junior are 13 beautiful persons.

Park Jungsoo, the leader, our fallen angel. The one that i wish can have for a friend or older brother. the one with a contagious laughter, the one with big wings that help Super Junior to fly arround the sapphire blue sky ♥ , the one that i love just for being Leeteuk.
Kim Heechul, the flower boy. The one that I really love for his unique personality, his uniques acts. The one with a lot of love for his cats, the one that loves Super Junior like nobody but is really embarrassed when he said it to the world ♥, the one that i love just for being Heechul.
Hangeng, the foreing one, our favorite chinese. The one who can cook beijing fried rice, the one who can take care of the members... one of the who i most missed ♥, the one that i love just for being Hangeng
Kim Jongwoon, the 'Art like voice'. One of the most pranksters members, the who can involve you to another space only with his voice ♥, the one that i love just for being Yesung.
Kim Youngwoon, the strong one. The one who is in the army now... who makes mistakes like all people, the one who went to the army and now is without SuperJunior, but he was taking care of the members, he takes care of the members and i'm sure he'll take care of the members. One who i missed a lot ♥, the one that i love just for being Kangin.
Shin Donghee, the funny's one. The one who can always makes you smile, the one who is in love now and i'm so happy for him and his happiness, the one who can make jokes but is always there for the members ♥, the one that i love just for being Shindong.
Lee Sungmin, the cute. The one who can look cute but is full of effort and dedication, the one that not appreciated himself but is full of talent and we're here for tell him that we love him like no one because he always will be an amazing memeber ♥, the one that i love just for being Sungmin.
Lee Hyukjae, the dancer. The one who can dance like no one, the one who can be easily touched for all things but he always will try to be strong, even if he's full of tears ♥, the one that i love just for being Eunhyuk.
Lee Donghae, the fishy. The one who can be a crybaby but is full of emotions. the one who tried hard for become a good singer and do great perfomances for his dad who is seeing him from the heaven ♥, the one that i love just for being Donghae.
Choi Siwon, the prince. The one who believe in god like no one, the one who can be always worried for the members and always will pray for them. the one who tried hard to show to his parents that he's doing well, and finally the one who is kindhearted for all people ♥, the one that i love just for being Siwon.
Kim Ryeowook, the shy. The one who can be shy with the people but is full of skills. The one with a big voice and who can move a lot of hearts with it ♥, the one that i love just for being Ryeowook.
Kim Kibum, the actor. The one who debuted as actor but join to SuperJunior and who had a lot of talents. One of who i missed a lot and who can be very calm but always will be worried about the others ♥, the one that i love just for being Kibum.
Cho Kyuhyun, the maknae. The youngest one but who i love like no one. The one who is full of talent and has a gorgeous voice, who tried hard to being a good singer and tried hard for did his dream come true ♥, the one that i love just for being Kyuhyun.


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박정수 ♥ 김희철 ♥ 韓庚 ♥ 김종운 ♥ 김영운 ♥ 신동희 ♥ 이성민 ♥
이혁재 ♥ 이동해 ♥ 최시원 ♥ 김려욱 ♥ 김기범 ♥ 조규현 ♥
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♬ listen: Super Junior - Thank You
18 July 2010 @ 04:31 pm
still 18th here so~~
 LEE TAEMIN~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

really i hope he had an amazing birthday with the shinee's members~~ really i love this kid so much~~ i hope he had a lot of fun and a lot of present~!!
I'm so happy because he's 17 years old ere now.. so just one year more and you'll be legal here

and now~~ its time for the picspam ♥ like always~~ click for fullsize & picspam is under cut~~

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